Big Data and Disruptive Innovation: Is the Real Estate Industry Next?

Date: February 27, 2014

Time: All Day

Host: NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate Center for the Sustainable Built Environment

Type: Convention/Conference


The growing volume of data generated within cities presents an unprecedented opportunity for the real estate industry to better segment markets and products, target policies and investment, and capture value clouded by information asymmetries. When coupled with an understanding of human behavior and evidence-based decision making, “Big Data”—defined by the four “Vs” of volume, velocity, variety, and veracity—has proven to be transformative in industries and activities from retail to healthcare to political campaigns, and the real estate industry may be next.


The 3rd Annual Conference on Sustainable Real Estate, presented by the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate Center for the Sustainable Built Environment, will explore the potential of harnessing big data analytics and informatics to shift our ability to understand, measure, and improve the sustainability and the efficiency of real estate markets and create new investment opportunities. Speakers will discuss the opportunities embedded in this expanding wave of data and will present specific examples of how data-driven policies and decision making can lead to innovations within the real estate industry—from design and construction to development and asset management.