Daylight Metrics: The What, How, and Why Should I Care

Date: October 8, 2015

Time: 9:00 - 10:30 AM

Host: Building Energy Exchange, MechoSystems

Type: Lecture/Presentation


Understanding the metrics of daylight performance is crucial to the design and operation of any lighting system that hopes to integrate daylight. Last year, the Illuminating Engineering Society approved a method to calculate a new set of climate-based daylight metrics to evaluate daylit spaces: Daylight Spatial Autonomy. This method has been adopted by LEED v4.0 and utilized by other consensus-based codes and standards that promote better daylit spaces.


This metric, based on research and occupant expert assessments for real spaces, provide designers a tool to more effectively describe, evaluate, and improve the performance of their daylighting designs.


Mudit Saxena, Principal, Vistar Energy Consulting
Jack Bailey, Partner, ONELUXStudio