Get plugged in with Generation 180

Date: October 2, 2017

Time: 7:30PM

Host: Generation 180


Get plugged in with Generation 180. Join us to learn more about Generation 180’s vision to build an energy aware movement towards a clean energy future, how you can get involved, and meet others who are passionate about clean energy adoption in New York.


About Generation 180:


We are now at the tipping point of a monumental shift in how we power our country. Generation 180 is a nonprofit organization committed to creating a cultural shift towards energy awareness and clean energy adoption.

We have the power to eliminate one-third of U.S. carbon emissions by simply changing our personal lifestyle choices, including what we drive, what we eat, and how we power our homes. That’s why we’re forming teams of volunteers in communities throughout the country committed to taking local action.


We’re looking for passionate people to help form a volunteer team and help move our community towards 100% clean energy. Generation 180 teams will influence the energy choices being made in their communities by leading workshops that promote clean energy solutions, supporting local schools in going solar, and encouraging businesses to stop energy waste. Generation 180 empowers its volunteer teams to be effective in their communities with ongoing training and support.

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