Getting BIM (Building Information Modeling) and PHPP to work together.

Date: May 6, 2014

Time: 6:30 PM

Host: NY Passive House Meetups

Type: Training/Workshop


BIM is an affordable, effective and efficient tool for small firms to optimize design processes, communicate ideas, streamline documentation, and sell your designs through elegant visualization.


This workshop will allow participants to gain personal experience utilizing BIM technology in a real-world application. Participants will see the benefits of BIM first-hand and learn how the technology is positioning small firms to be more competitive, productive and profitable.


The learning objectives for this session are: – Identify the specific benefits of a BIM-enabled process for small firms. – Discover first-hand how a BIM workflow can act as a catalyst for creating a collaborative approach to sustainable design on projects of all sizes. – Learn how to leverage the model for more effective communication. – Learn how your practice can implement BIM in a way that meets your specific needs and goals.