High-Performance, Energy-Efficient “Green” Heating Systems Workshop

Date: September 17, 2014

Time: 8:00 am to 4:15 pm

Host: Half Moon Seminars

Type: Training/Workshop

Link: https://www.halfmoonseminars.com/seminars/128476/high-performance-energy-efficient-green-heating-systems/white-plains-ny

A interactive day-long workshop exploring optimizing of heating systems in a “whole systems”,building science-based approach in the context of examples in existing and new buildings. Discussion will include conversion of steam systems to hydronic operation, condensing gas-fired boilers, air & ground-source heat pumps, pellet-fired boilers, solar space heating, radiant floors, and panel radiators, heat recovery and much more. Instructor has specializing in energy engineering for 30 years, is a state-wide energy adviser for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is an active member and past board member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy.Association.


Overview of Systems to be Covered:

Condensing boilers

Air-source heat pumps
Ground-source heat pumps
Pellet-fired boilers
Solar-assisted space heating

Condensing vs. Traditional Systems:

Why condense and how to optimize
condensing heating performance
The importance of resetting water temperatures based upon load
Right-sizing and condensing operation
The value of a high turn-down ratio
Parallel cascading operation vs lead-lag operation
Report on study results of published study (by others) of field
performance of condensing boilers
Lessons learned from field study performance

Design Scenarios and Discussion:

Retrofitting an existing hot air furnace systemDesigning a hydronic system for new construction
Retrofitting an existing steam system
Retrofitting with pellet-fired boiler systems

Heat Pumps:

How they work
COP (coefficient of performance)
Performance in cold climates
Air-source and ground-source heat pumps
Air-to-air, water-to-air, and water-to-water Systems
Split systems, mini-splits, and ducted systems

Ground-Source Heat Pump Case Study:

Borehole field
Water to air heat pumps
Temperature controls and scheduling
Lessons learned

Air-Source Heat Pump Case Study:

Outdoor condenser
Indoor terminal equipment
Temperature controls and scheduling
Lessons learned

Solar-Assisted Space Heating:

New construction
Rooftop solar thermal panels
Radiant floor heat delivery system
Hot water storage tank
Lessons learned

Round Up and Review