Morning Salon @ Wanted Design NYC

Date: May 10, 2015

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Host: FIT

Type: Lecture/Presentation


Morning Salon and Wanted Design have teamed up to bring together the best of US and International design companies and individuals for a thought-provoking design conversation around sustainability, product-making and innovation as companies shift towards the sustainable economy.


Morning Salon promotes communication, knowledge-sharing and relationships to further companies dealing with the opportunities and issues surrounding sustainability. We’re using the inspiration of Human Centred Design to help solve intractable problems and mine opportunities for sustainable solutions. Think about a mash-up of a TED-like talk, gamification and human centred design = Morning Salon.


The Morning Salon Program is designed to bring together a unique cross section of design professionals, brand, media, marketing and PR specialists, academics, entrepreneurs, sustainability professionals and the ancillary businesses service sustainable companies patronize to share know-how and ask and answer big questions around sustainability—the concept and practices that are being discovered, debunked and deployed every day. Given that sustainability is still in its implemented infancy, learning from thought leaders and practice leaders while hashing out everyday problems in starting and implementing sustainable processes and programs has us grappling for approachable solutions.