The Basics of Energy Efficient HVAC Installations: Designing HVAC Systems That Work to Create a More Comfortable, Economical, and Truly Energy Efficient Building

Date: February 25, 2014

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Host: AIA New York Center for Architecture

Type: Lecture/Presentation


In this presentation, Henry Gifford will explain the basics of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and their installation to yield the best performance for comfort, efficiency and cost.


The fundamentals of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will be discussed including- system types, operation, sizing, and methods of delivery. The relationship to the enclosure and the effects of insulation, air tightness, ventilation, glazing type and location and internal heat generators will be illustrated.


Through real world examples, Henry will discuss his “best practices” for selecting a system type and maximizing efficiency and will touch on issues encountered in building renovations and upgrades. He will show examples of systems that are properly sized and designed for the most efficient delivery of heating, cooling and ventilation. Henry will also give as a few tricks for how to best to hide a system inside NYC’s space constrained buildings.


Finally, Henry will discuss the low hanging fruit and the best things to do first with your HVAC dollars.



Henry Gifford, RA, Chris Benedict


Henry Gifford is truly a one and only product of NYC and its large and eclectic collection of buildings, their mechanical systems and the myriad of problems found with them. Henry grew up solving energy related problems with buildings. As a long time building owner, mechanical contractor and expert designer, he understands the different perspectives of a good energy efficient solution. Henry has a deep understanding of and respect for the physics and science behind building systems. This strong foundational knowledge, in combination with his practical experience, enables him to create systems that measurably save energy and money. Henry currently is a master designer of mechanical systems and partner at the award-winning, energy efficiency-focused architecture firm of Chris Benedict, RA.


Organized by: AIANY Building Enclosure Council


Price: Free for AIA members; $10 for non-members