What Gets Measured Gets Done: Beyond M&V

Date: October 13, 2015

Time: 9:00 - 10:30 AM

Host: Building Energy Exchange

Type: Lecture/Presentation

Link: http://be-exchange.org/events/144

Energy efficiency projects continue to be a focus for building owners, engineers, and other key building stakeholders. Upgrading systems like lighting, HVAC, and lighting controls can yield significant cost and energy savings but once a project is completed, how do we measure the success of our efforts? More importantly, how do we sustain those savings and identify additional opportunities?


Join Building Energy Exchange for a discussion of the strategies and tools to interpret data and continuously optimize a building’s performance through proper tracking and dashboarding. Gregg Fischer of Trane Comprehensive Solutions and John Bradley of New York University will discuss the challenges and benefits of the continuous M&V process through the lens of their most successful projects.


Chris Jones, Intelligent Services Leader, Trane


Gregg Fischer, Product Developer, Comprehensive Solutions, Trane
John Bradley, Associate Vice President of Sustainability, Energy & Technical Services, New York University