Your Choices Matter

Date: September 22, 2015

Time: 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Host: Columbia University - Sustainability Management Student Association

Type: Social Event


In today’s increasingly competitive landscape and progressive climate change reform, more and more corporations are recognizing the importance of sustainability on their environmental, social, and economic impacts. This realization is all due to the actions, perserverance, and inspiration of individuals.


We all have unique experiences that shape the way we view sustainability and how it plays into our everyday lives. Join us and share your experiences to ignite the conversation of why sustainability is important and show how every-day choices can spur change. We want to hear about why sustainability is important to you!
We are the new generation of problem solvers, faculty, researchers, and industry leaders that takes a bold and innovative approach to sustainability that prioritizes the protection of the Earth’s systems and resources as well as the spread of social and economic opportunities for all people.


There will be interactive and engaging elements for attendees to participate in:
– A live YouTube Feed: Event attendees will be able to give a “Your Choices Matter” testimonial that will be broadcasted live on YouTube.
– Build-A-Tree: Event attendees will be able to write their “What’s Your Why?” on Emerald Brand 6″ tree-free compostable plates.
– Educational Discussion: Event attendees will be able to visit three different educational tables with industry specific subject matter experts focusing on water, energy and agriculture sustainability.