Zero Food Waste Popup 12.12.2015

Date: December 12, 2015

Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Host: miLES, Impact Hub, GrowNYC, NYU Tanden School of Engineering, and others

Type: Other


Did you know that over 40% of food in the US goes to waste before it makes it to our supermarkets, our restaurants, and homes? Between the American habit of buying more than we need, an emphasis on the appearance of produce, and a complicated supply chain, we waste about 10% more than the world as a whole.

You can be a part of stopping food waste. Join us at the miLES Popup Space to learn how you can support NYC in reaching the goal of zero food waste by 2030.


Zero Food Waste Popup 2015 brings together leaders in NYC that are reducing food waste for thoughtful talks, demonstrations and interactive workshops. By bringing together some of NYC’s top organizations, we will provide an action plan to reduce your food waste and make sure your excess organics are put to good use!