Affordable Housing – July 16, 2003

The presenters for our forum on Green Building and Affordable Housing were:

Les Bluestone, Patty Noonan, Jon Vogel
Les Bluestone, Patty Noonan, Jon Vogel
  • Patty Noonan, Vice President, Research & Policy, Partnership for New York City
  • Jon Vogel of Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC
    380 Madison Ave – 22nd Floor
    New York, NY 10023
  • Les Bluestone of Blue Sea Development

Patty Noonan and Jon Vogel co-authored “High Performance Building and Affordable Housing” in the Earth Pledge Foundation’s Sustainable Architecture White Papers.

Les Bluestone’s Melrose Commons II project received the award for first place in the residential category of the 2003 Northeast Green Building Awards.

Patty Noonan introduced the topic with an overview of policy issues. Les Bluestone then gave us some highlights from the award-winning Melrose II project, and Jon Vogel took us on a whirlwind tour of developments by Jonathan Rose Associates.

We hope to have the video available soon.

10 S’s of Sustainable Development
Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC

  1. Site selection for land and transportation efficiency
  2. Selecting the right team for thoughtful design and development
  3. Synchronizing team members and program to create shared values
  4. Scheduling for effective coordination
  5. Site planning for pedestrian use, passive solar heating and responsible landscaping
  6. Structural design for resource efficiency and adaptability
  7. Skin design for weather protection, insulating efficiency and daylighting
  8. Systems design for energy and resource efficiency
  9. Specifying materials that are environmentally responsible and durable
  10. Starting up thoughtfully

Download the MS Word document for a detailed description of each of the above strategies.

We would like to thank Hafele Showroom for hosting us!