May 7th Green Building Open House Tour

On Saturday, May 7th GreenHomeNYC will host it’s 10th biannual Green Building Tour! GreenHomeNYC’s tours provide the public a rare chance to visit green buildings around New York City and meet the professionals responsible for them. This year we will conduct two tours that will provide in depth, hands on information about green buildings and through the interaction with professionals, facilitate the adoption of sustainable building methods and materials. Read on for more details!

The tours are an opportunity visit a varied collection of buildings to learn about energy efficient and sustainable building methods directly from building professionals such as the architect, engineer, developer or owner. You’ll experience firsthand the inner workings and design details, as well the challenges and accomplishments that were faced by the professionals involved with these commercial and residential buildings.

Previous tours have given participants valuable insight into a variety of green building concepts and features such as:

  • energy-saving solutions
  • photovoltaic and solar hot water technology and integration
  • water-saving fixtures and appliances
  • green roofs
  • solar heating (”passive solar”) techniques
  • allergy/asthma-sensitive building materials
  • variety of green materials including paints, insulation, carpeting, renewably- harvested wood products, reclaimed and recycled materials

Event Details

  • When: Saturday, May 7th. Between roughly 10am and 4pm.
  • Where: Two tours, visiting buildings in Queens and Manhattan.
  • Cost: $25-$35 per tour
  • AIA Credit Available!

We have two tours this year. Each one will be led by a GreenHomeNYC volunteer and cover a different geographical area. Follow the links in the tour descriptions below to read more about any building on the tours.

Queens. 10am-4pm $35; includes lunch and transportation.

Manhattan Walking Tour 10am-3pm $25; includes lunch.

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