Green Building Saves the Green

Since 2004, GreenHomeNYC has presented monthly articles on green building construction, renovations, and management in The Cooperator, a Yale Robbins newspaper serving 3,300 New York City cooperatives and condominiums.

Green Building Saves the Green
Cost Benefits of Green Buildings
By Erik D. Nevala-Lee

The environmental benefits of “green” buildings have never been questioned. The reduced intake of resources and the reduced output of waste accomplished through environmentally sensitive building reduce the negative environment impact of a building. Although the environmental benefits of green buildings are clear, how to afford a more environmentally sustainable living environment is not. Cost is a frequent excuse against building green. While it is true that the initial cost of green building can be more – an extra $3 to $5 per square foot, by some estimates – the life cycle cost of a green building is significantly less.

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